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About YouTube Keywords Finder Tool

YouTube is a platform that allows content creators to share their work and earn form it. When it comes to getting attention on YouTube making good videos is just no enough. You somehow need to guide the crowd towards your content. You can optimize the videos in many ways to get the deserving attention for example you can add tags, keywords etc. to the video. Promotion is also an option but it is paid so it is less likely that a new content creator can afford to do so.

YouTube is more of a search engine nowadays; it is ranked as the 2nd largest search engine after Google. People search many queries in the YouTube search bar and get the relevant videos on search. This means that everybody doesn't need to search a video by name; some people search it in the form of questions. Like people will most likely search "How to Make a Cake?" instead of searching for "Cake Recipe". This is where Keywords become possibly the most crucial factor. Keywords are actually the phrases or words that people use to search for videos on YouTube.

As YouTube is among the leading search engine, there is a likelihood that someone from your targeted audience will be searching for something related to your content. If you somehow know what keywords is that person using, then you can optimize the video keywords in a way that will make your video pop on the top of the search result to that question.
A question comes to mind that, how can we identify those keywords? There are two possible answers to that; the first one is the YouTube AutoComplete.

You can notice that if you type something in the search bar of YouTube, it will present you with some suggestions. Those are the most searched keywords related to the question you are seeking. You can type a question regarding your content and collect a number of keywords from the search bar. This is obviously not the most effective way, and you cannot possibly think of all the questions about your content. You can also not predict the ways in which your audience will search for your type of content.

The other way that is more effective and easy way to get all the keywords at one place is to use YouTube Keywords Finder Tool as provided on this website. This tool will collect the most popular keywords regarding your topic. Why this tool? Most of the Keywords Finder Tools on internet are generic and they provide keywords searched on all search engine. This tool is especially designed for YouTube so the keywords that it generates in the end result, are based on the searches made on YouTube. This feature makes YouTube Keyword Finder tool more effective and unique. The best part about this tool is that it is absolutely FREE.


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