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YouTube Thumbnails Generator Tool

YouTube is one of the most famous online video platforms. Being a Youtuber has become a profession nowadays. The problem with being a Youtuber is that it is not very easy to attract the audience towards your content. To attract the relevant audience towards your video, producing good content is just not enough. You need to drag the audience towards your video to get the proper attention. There are many ways to direct the audience towards your content. Some of them are adding tags and keywords to your video. There are also paid promotions that you can do to promote and gather an audience around your content. But mostly paid advertisements are not preferred as it can cost you a lot. The title of the video also plays an essential role in the first impression of the video.

Alongside the title, the thumbnail of the video is also very important for the first impression of the video. It could instead convince a person to watch your video, or it could either make a person skip your video. There are many ways to make the desired thumbnail for your YouTube Video. The first one is to use Photoshop and design your own thumbnail. But Photoshop is not an easy tool; it takes a lot to learn Photoshop, and hiring a professional for this task can be a bit expensive. This leaves us with the second option of using the YouTube Thumbnail Generator Tool. This tool is absolutely free and does not require any skills to develop a good thumbnail. It contains many in build templates that you can use to start designing your own thumbnail. The interface is very user-friendly, and you can efficiently operate it even if you are new. This tool is perfect for someone who is not so good at Photoshop, and his channel is not grown yet. This saves a lot of time for you, which you can use to develop the other skills that can help you produce better content. Or it is even better to use this time to optimize your video much better to get more audience. You can do it by labeling the video with proper tags and eye-catching titles. The tools for title and tag generation are also available on the website.

Here are some rubrics that you should keep in mind to design an attractive thumbnail

  • Your thumbnail should have the best scene from your video
  • Try using numbers in thumbnails to attract the attention of the user
  • Avoid exaggerating anything in the thumbnail because people find it bad
  • Do not go for clickbait kind of thumbnails as they will be bad for your channel in the long run
  • Try to add something emotional in the thumbnail
  • Thumbnail should be clean, don’t make it much of a mess.
  • If your video has some famous personality in it, use their picture in the thumbnail
  • If the topic is highly versatile, then try adding the most hyped thing in the thumbnail

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